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Looking for long, gorgeous, glamorous hair? Then you've come to the right place! At Super Strands, we offer you a variety of extensions as worn by celebrites worldwide.

We offer:

    100% HUMAN HAIR extensions

    Various CLIP IN hair extensions

    Real remy hair, NO SYNTHETIC products

    SOLD DIRECT from our factory outlet

    NEW PRODUCTS being added monthly

Super Strands is one of the biggest manufacturers of extensions in UK, that’s why we have the privilege to sell direct from our factory outlet. We also provide pre-bonded nail tips to salons, stylists or for anyone who knows how to use them.

We never sell synthetic products. In fact, all of our extensions are 100% human to give you the ultimate volume and sophistication you so desire.

If you are looking for maximum volume and stunning celebrity-styled chic, then go for clip-in extensions which are easy to wear. Simply lift your hair up, put in the clip, snap it close and voila….you’re done!

Clip-in extensions are and fast, safe way to add extra length and volume without creating any damage. This is also an amazing alternative to permanent extensions.

Aside from clip-ins, we also offer:

    ¾ Wigs

    African American Wigs

    Weft or Weaves

    Tape Hair Extensions

    Micro Loop Extensions

    Wrap Around Ponytail Extensions

    One Piece Human Hair Extensions

    Pre-Bonded Hair

    Half wigs

    Customized Extension Sets

    Clip in Fringes and Bangs

    Clip In Streaks Highlights

    Hair Accessories

We produce extensions fit for every occasion, from proms to debuts, weddings or even for just a weekend party with friends.


Achieving the “Celebrity” Look and Much More…

The secret to having gorgeous-looking hair is the smart use of extensions to achieve a stunning look – in an instant! It can blend right in with your natural style and color, so people will hardly notice that you are wearing it. Aside from the fact that these are insanely popular, they can change your look dramatically. So if you want a quick fix, then go for clip extensions, the new accessory craze in town.

If you are looking for the “X-Factor” sort of look, then you should definitely use the power of extensions. They are considered to be as important as make-up. The good news is you can pump up your hairstyle instantly with this amazing fashion accessory.


    Extensions not only increase the length, but also add significant volume. People with fine or limp hair can definitely use such an accessory but may want to use a light weight set..

   Your own hair needs to be a minimum of 3 inches long to apply clips in.

    The most popular colours are jet black, dark brown, dark caramel, light brown, chocolate brown, ginger, strawberry blonde, bright red, toned red, golden blonde, bleach blonde, lightest blonde and ice white – similar to what Lady Gaga would wear in her concerts.

    The most popular grade is Remy, which are made from real human hair. These tangle free luxurious-looking tresses come in different colors and in different styles such as straight, curly, wavy, French wave, deep wave, body wave, kinky wave and Yaki straight. All our extensions can be washed, curled, blow dried and worn for a longer period of time. Note Remy is not a brand its grading.

    Pre-bonded is a permanent application method. The hair tips are coated in keratin glue on them and these are melted and carefully attached to the hair.

    A weft is also known as a weave. Wefts are permanent, sewn together in strips about a meter in length.

    Tape hair extensions are skin wefts or skin weaves fitted with a double-sided tape.


Celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, and Reese Witherspoon are just few of the names in Hollywood that use hair extensions to spruce up their hairstyle.



Recent customer testimonials

"Anyone whose been wearing the NHS wigs will know they are not great, the NHS has very little choice, and the choices they do offer arent very realistic so I set about looking for my own wig that looks natural and doesn't cost the earth. Coming across the super strands wigs I was very excited at the prospect of having a full lace human hair wig that looks like something I actually want to wear whether I needed it or not.   The wig arrived within 14 days and I have to say its beautiful. Everyone has commented on how lovely my hair looks. I've gone from having something thats a "practical necessity" from the NHS to a beautiful fashion statement that has restored my confidence."

Jess, London, UK


"Recived my extreme clip in extenson set last week and I have to say extreme is an understatement! I have never seen too much hair in my life!  The bulk hair has allowed me to create a a jaw dropping look for my latest photoshoot!"

Liona, Miami, USA


"Thank you for the fast delivery, I've been looking for a hair company that delivers to Canada for a long time. My quad weft extensions are beautiful, thick and sooo soft. Having purchased the 20" set its given me a great deal of volume and a nice natural looking length. I've curled them, made them wavy and now there back to straight and still looking the same as when I bought  them. Fabulous!"

Madison, Toronto, Canada


"Love the half wig! Thank you so much! I dont know how I struggled every morning clipping in the traditional weft pieces. The half wig / one piece hair extension literally takes me less than 30 seconds to clip on and I get more length and volume than I ever did from the regular strips."

Jenny, Auckland, New Zealand


"Thank you for the batch of tape extensions, our salon requires long lasting, hard wearing, sleek and soft extensions. Our customers wouldnt accept any less and and I'm pleased to say we get this and more from these silk taped extensions. We will also be ordering your hot fusion bonded packs next as we are more than happy with the quality."

Kaitlyn, Sydney, Australia