Wrap around ponytail

Wrap around ponytail


Remy human hair, easy to apply, 16inch - 32inch lengths available.

Ponytail Extensions

Think “classic hairstyle”, and the ponytail pops to mind. This hairstyle is not only very effortless to create, but is also quite versatile. This can give you a glamorous and elegant look, or a fun and relaxed, everyday look.
Ponytails can be seen almost everywhere, from workplaces to fashion runways and the red carpet, with many celebrities sporting this style.  Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, and Penelope Cruz— the list of beautiful celebrities wearing ponytails is endless.  
Even if you have short hair, you don’t have to wait years to grow it out in order to get a full volume ponytail. With the help of our wrap-around 100% human Remy hair ponytails, it is now very possible to get a gorgeous and long ponytail that’s also very easy and convenient to apply.

How to Apply Wrap-Around Ponytails

Our wrap-around ponytails are created to give you the utmost ease and convenience in attaching this piece, that you can even do this by yourself! On the base of the ponytail is a slide comb and Velcro, which makes it very easy to attach to your real hair. There is also a pre-designated strip of hair that enables you to wrap around the ponytail in order to conceal the Velcro.
For fuller volume look, you can opt to first tease a portion of the crown area of your hair and then clip it in to set it aside. You can then gather the rest of your natural hair and tie it in a ponytail. You can also choose whether to make it into a low, middle, high, or even a side ponytail.
Next, get the wrap-around ponytail and then slide the comb between the ponytail holder and your natural hair. Get the Velcro part of the ponytail and wrap it around the tied hair, leaving some of the pre-designated strip of hair. Then gather the hair from your crown area and integrate it into your ponytail, by laying over the rest of the pre-designated strip of hair in order to conceal the Velcro better. Secure this with some bobby pins at the underside of the ponytail.

Our Wrap-Around Ponytails

You can have your wrap-around ponytails customized by us. Simply select the hair color and hair length, which varies between 16” to 32“.
Since our products are made of 100% human Remy hair, this can be styled and also heated in order to curl or straighten it. This can also be dyed up to two shades darker.

So whether you’re going for a laidback, elegant, sexy, sleek or glamorous look,  our wrap-around ponytails can be such a convenient, versatile, and refreshing option to revitalize your hairstyle!