Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions


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Micro Loop Hair Extensions

One of the more preferred hair extension techniques currently would be the micro loop ring hair extensions. These are basically hair extensions that have very small silicone-lined metal rings that do not require heat or sewing to attach it to the natural hair, therefore making it an easier and safer technique. These hair extensions are usually I-tipped, and this would require a pulling tool such as a loop or hook, in order to thread the hair extension through the micro rings.
This type of hair extension is gaining popularity due to several advantages that it has over the other techniques such as those that utilize weaving, braiding and fusing.
Its main advantages would be its safety, discreetness, manageability, reusability, and affordability. Because micro loop ring extensions do not need any kind of adhesive, chemicals or heat to attach it to the natural hair, it is considered to be a very safe technique since it eliminates the risks of damages, allergies or irritations to the hair and scalp.
The micro rings are very small, therefore they are hardly noticeable, and tend to blend in very naturally with your own hair.  It can also be easily styled, such as curling, straightening or colouring, just like natural hair. Micro loop ring hair extensions can also be attached to hair that is as short as 1 to 2 inches, as opposed to other techniques that would require a minimum length of 3 to 4 inches. The thickness of hair is also no problem for this type of extensions, as it can be attached to fine or thick hair.
They are also considered to be a practical alternative since they can be reused and repositioned and with enough practice, can also be applied in the comfort of your own home. You can also opt to use this either as short-term use or long-term use. This also makes it quite affordable since with proper maintenance and care, these hair extensions can last you up to a whole year.

A Guide to Micro Loop Ring Hair Extension Application

Micro loop ring hair extensions are easy to apply. You can opt to attach these extensions yourself, or have it done at a hair extension salon. The micro loop ring hair extensions would ideally have plastic loops with it for easier threading.
Begin by sectioning your hair into several parts for easier manageability. Hold up the rest of your hair with the use of a clip and begin attaching the extensions from the bottom, about 1 inch from your nape.
Take several strands of natural hair that is the same width as the hair extension. Thread this through the plastic loop, which is ideally pre-attached to the micro loop ring hair extension. Pull this plastic loop until all of your natural hair passes through the micro loop ring, and in the process also sets the plastic loop free. Set aside this plastic loop for future repositioning use. Make sure to leave a space that is approximately 1 cm between your scalp and the micro loop ring. Secure the micro loop ring by clamping it down with a pair of salon pliers.
Repeat the entire process in order to complete the row, making sure to leave spaces in between each extension. Do the next upper rows by filling in the gaps from the previous row in a brickwork pattern. Add extensions on the left and right side of your head as well.  A full head of extensions would take approximately an hour to fit.  Style your hair as desired.

Maintenance for Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions

Proper care and maintenance is a must for micro loop ring hair extensions in order to ensure its longevity and beautiful appearance.
Combing and Shampooing
A wide-toothed comb is recommended if you have micro loop ring hair extensions. Gently comb your hair before shampooing. Avoid combing the micro rings, and begin by combing from the tips, working your way up to your scalp. Make sure to let your hair hang naturally as you gently massage and lather in the shampoo in a vertical manner. Apply conditioner in the same method.
Your hair can be styled with this type of hair extension. Curling your hair can also be done, and it is up to you on what type of perm you want. If you decide to perm your hair extensions, make sure to use a cream conditioner in order to protect it from the harsh chemicals of the perming solution. Do not pull on your hair too much when you are using the iron curler and make sure to apply moisturizer on the extensions to moisten it.

How to Re-adjust Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions

Micro loop ring hair extensions are usually re-adjusted or repositioned about every three months. This would also depend on how quickly your natural hair grows.
You can re-adjust the hair extensions by de-flattening the micro loops using salon pliers. This time, start from the top of your head, and work your way down. Make sure to use clips in order to partition your hair.
Squeeze each micro ring in order to slightly de-flatten it. Re-adjust it by pulling down the micro ring about 1 cm from the scalp. Clamp each micro ring again with the pliers. Repeat for each row until all of the micro rings have been readjusted.
You can also use the same method for removing the hair extensions. Simply de-flatten the micro ring by squeezing it with the pliers and gently pull each hair extension free from your natural hair.